5th July 2024

Youghal Chamber Summer Event

THE YOUGHAL CHAMBER OF TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT'S summer event kicked off on a vibrant note…

THE YOUGHAL CHAMBER OF TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT’S summer event kicked off on a vibrant note with a warm welcome from President Kay Curtin. Her opening speech set the stage for an exciting evening:

“Good evening everyone, and a very warm welcome to you all here this evening for our Summer Event!

Youghal Chamber Summer Event 1

I’d like to take a moment to extend a special welcome to our esteemed guests: Captain Brian Fitzgerald, Community Liaison Officer for the South Coast Designated Maritime Area Plan, and Sean Ahern, representing the Youghal Athletic Club’s Race Committee for the upcoming Youghal Festival of Sport.

Youghal Chamber Summer Event 2

A big congratulations as well to Councillors Mary Linehan Foley and Patrick Mulcahy on your recent election wins. We at the Chamber look forward to a fruitful collaboration in the times to come.

Youghal Chamber Summer Event 3


The past few months have been busy and productive for the Chamber. We’ve been actively engaging with various stakeholders, including:

POLITICIANS: We met with a number of politicians, including our new Taoiseach, Simon Harris, to discuss matters relevant to Youghal’s growth and development.

COACH OPERATORS: We’ve been working collaboratively with coach operators and drivers to encourage increased tourist traffic through Youghal via bus tours.

TOURISM CRUISE CONSULTANTS: We’ve held meetings with tourism cruise consultants and operators, aiming to attract cruise liners to Youghal in 2025.

Youghal Chamber Summer Event 4


In addition to my role as Chamber President, I’m also involved in several exciting projects within Youghal, including:

+The Kathleen and May Experience

+The New Film and Photography Museum

+The Youghal Lace Project

I’m also committed to enhancing the town’s aesthetics by decorating the shop windows of vacant buildings to make them more inviting.

Youghal Chamber Summer Event 5


The Chamber recently joined forces with various stakeholders in the town to prepare a joint submission regarding the part 8 planning for the courthouse and the Soup Kitchen. Special thanks go to Paddy Quinlan, a dedicated Chamber member, for taking the lead on this initiative.


The Youghal section of the Greenway is due to open shortly, further boosting tourism potential. We’re also thrilled to see a wave of new businesses opening or about to open on Main Street, adding vibrancy to the town centre.


The Chamber is delighted to welcome four new members who recently joined us: Main Street Café, Ivy on the Strand, Roseville, and The View Pod. A big welcome to all of you!

Youghal Chamber Summer Event 6


With this spirit of collaboration and exciting developments on the horizon, the Youghal Chamber of Tourism and Development is poised for a fantastic summer season. Let’s raise a toast to a thriving Youghal, bustling with tourists and brimming with sporting spirit!”

With President Curtin’s energetic opening remarks, the stage was set for a night of informative presentations, networking, and shared enthusiasm for Youghal’s bright future.

WHAT A BUZZ IN THE AIR! The Youghal Chamber of Tourism and Development kicked off their summer event on a glorious note, basking in the warm sunshine and the welcoming atmosphere of the new Main Street cafe. Members gathered, brimming with excitement, to hear about the upcoming Youghal Festival of Sport and the fantastic events on the horizon.

Youghal Chamber Summer Event 7


The chamber welcomed two esteemed guests:

CAPTAIN BRIAN FITZGERALD, a maritime authority with an impressive 38-year career in the Irish Naval Service. Captain Fitzgerald, now the Community Liaison Officer for the South Coast Designated Maritime Area Plan, enlightened us on the exciting plans for the sustainable use of our precious marine resources. This plan aims to coordinate the sustainable use of Ireland’s marine resources and space

SEAN AHERN, a member of the Youghal Athletic Club, talked about the much anticipated Youghal Bay Half Marathon: The Youghal Bay Half Marathon is an annual running event held in Youghal, as part of the Youghal Festival of Sport. The race takes place on August 11, 2024.


The members were delighted as details of the YOUGHAL FESTIVAL OF SPORT (AUGUST 10TH & 11TH) were unveiled. The crown jewel, of course, is the YOUGHAL BAY HALF MARATHON AND 10K, renowned for its flat and fast course. Imagine weaving through the historic streets of Youghal and then soaking in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean – pure magic for runners of all levels!


As the presentations concluded, the room buzzed with animated discussions. This event was a fantastic opportunity to network, share ideas, and get pumped for the upcoming festivities. The Youghal Chamber of Tourism and Development, with its unwavering dedication to supporting local businesses, is poised for another stellar summer season. Here’s to a thriving Youghal, brimming with tourists and sporting spirit!

A big thank you to Mick Hussey for his great coverage of the event.


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