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Youghal Chamber of Tourism & Development offers a wide range of services to businesses in Youghal and the surrounding region. Whether you operate in retail, industrial, service, or professional sectors, our Chamber is dedicated to supporting your growth and success.

Support Network: By becoming a member of Youghal Chamber, you gain access to a supportive network of professionals who are ready to assist you. Whenever you have an issue that requires attention, a question that needs answering, or you simply seek a fresh perspective on a business matter, we encourage you to reach out. We are here to listen, support, and provide guidance.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow business professionals and establish valuable connections through our networking events. These opportunities allow you to expand your network, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and explore potential partnerships.

Youghal Chamber actively participates in forums and joint communities with local authorities and development agencies. This involvement ensures that your voice is heard in decision-making processes and strengthens working partnerships within the community. We advocate for your interests and provide a platform for real representation.

Effective Business Promotion: Utilise our various communication channels, online platforms, and referrals to amplify your business reach. As a member, your business, will be listed on our website at providing valuable exposure to potential customers and clients.

Supporting Local Business Activities, Events, and Festivals: Youghal Chamber of Tourism &
Development takes pride in promoting and supporting local business activities, events, and
festivals through our Tourist Information Centre. We believe in the power of community
engagement and collaboration to foster economic growth and showcase the vibrant spirit of

Community Impact: Your success in not only beneficial for your business but also
contributes to the overall improvement of Youghal. As the Chamber, our mission is to foster
an environment where businesses thrive, thereby enhancing the quality of life for everyone
in the community. We leverage our collective experience, extensive contacts, and valuable
information to support your business growth.

All For Youghal Vouchers: Embrace the shop local culture and support local businesses and
activities. These vouchers help safeguard jobs and ensure the year-round support of the
local economy.

Timely information: Stay informed with our monthly Chamber newsletter, providing
valuable insights into the latest developments in the business community. Additionally, we
keep you informed of the Training Courses and resources to enhance your business skills
and knowledge.

Driving Tourism to Youghal: We are committed to positioning Youghal and its surrounding
areas as a premier tourism destination. By actively promoting the regions natural beauty,
historical significance, and diverse attractions, we aim to attract tourists, boost local
businesses, and strengthen the tourism industry.

Tourist Information Centre: We manage and oversee the Tourist Information Centre, Gift
Shop and Heritage Centre taking on the crucial role of ensuring a hospitable experience for
coaches and visitors to Youghal. We produce and distribute local maps guiding visitors to an
array of local amenities and businesses.

Join Youghal Chamber of Tourism & Development today and become a part of our vibrant
and supportive business community. Together, we can create a better future of Youghal and its residents.

Please complete the attached membership enquiry form and return it to us at Market House, Market Square, Youghal.

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The Chamber team is committed to working for and with its members to focus on the end result.

Youghal Chamber

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