22nd April 2024

Summer Beckons in Youghal

With the return of the eagerly awaited Pontoon and The Maeve Og of Blackwater River…

With the return of the eagerly awaited Pontoon and The Maeve Og of Blackwater River Cruises and the lovely sunny weather…..

Summer Beckons in Youghal 1

Skipper Tony Gallagher and his faithful friend Scuba couldn’t have asked for a better day for the return of the Pontoon and of The Maeve Og of Blackwater River Cruises. The sun danced on the water, casting shimmering reflections as they prepared for a day of adventure on the river.

As they readied the boat, Tony couldn’t contain his excitement. “Scuba, my old mate, can you believe it’s finally time? The Maeve Og is back where it belongs!”

Scuba, ever the loyal companion, wagged his tail enthusiastically, as if understanding every word. With a playful bark, he bounded onto the pontoon, ready to greet the guests who were starting to arrive.

The air was filled with anticipation and joy as passengers boarded, their faces lit up with smiles as bright as the sunshine. Families, friends, and even a few solo adventurers stepped aboard, eager for a day of leisurely cruising along the Blackwater River.

“Welcome aboard, everyone!” Tony’s voice boomed with enthusiasm as he greeted each guest. “Today is a day for stories, laughter, and making memories. We’re off on an adventure!”

Summer Beckons in Youghal 2

Meanwhile, Tony regaled the passengers with tales of the river’s history, pointing out landmarks along the way. Ballynatray House, Molana Abbey and tales of the rivers history along the way.

As the day drifted by, filled with laughter, sunshine, and the soothing sounds of the river, passengers found themselves immersed in a world of tranquility and joy. It was a day where time seemed to stand still, and worries melted away with each passing mile.

For Bookings Contact Tony directly on 087 9889076

Summer Beckons in Youghal 3


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