13th February 2020

Youghal Future Needs / Opinion Poll

Results of opinion poll on Youghal's Future Needs. Youghal Chamber of Tourism and Commerce conducted…

Youghal Future Needs / Opinion Poll 4

Results of opinion poll on Youghal’s Future Needs.

Youghal Chamber of Tourism and Commerce conducted an online opinion poll on Youghal’s Future Needs, the following is a breakdown of the results.

The Poll highlights the various deficiencies to the Youghal Area, including the obvious lack of Local Industry, Beach Facilities and the urgent need of a Killeagh Castlemartyr Bypass.

We are mindful of getting the best return on the scarce monies available and would encourage the members to invest wisely in the towns services.

We would encourage a joint delegation to the various incoming Government Ministers which could / should secure much needed Capital Funding for the larger projects.

To Encourage Industry to locate in Youghal – (31.38%)    155 Responses

The Youghal Main Drainage System is now operational. This was highlighted as a major weakness to the Town securing Industrial Investment in the past.

We have identified the need for more imagery, infographics, video content and case studies for Youghal which would enable the IDA staff to sell the town more effectively to potential employers.

Increased focus on targeting smaller Foreign Direct Investment Companies through the IDA’s Emerging Businesses Division. These smaller firms might be attracted to regions with smaller population and workforce.

Existing Companies should be encouraged to locate satellite operations in the Town, taking advantage of our lower site costs, lower wages and a better quality of life.

The Arts Council, the IDA and Enterprise Ireland are working to help attract investment through our global image as a hub of creativity. An Arts Audit should be requested for the Town and surrounding area. By developing good relationships between the arts and industry, we can hopefully animate many empty buildings with some high innovation industries, such as those in the gaming and entertainment sectors.

New Beach Facilities, i.e., New Toilets, Showers, Water Sport Facilities, Lighting on the Boardwalk, Triathlon Facilities  –  (17.81%)     88 Responses

Cork County Council commitment to Iron Man is just incredible.

We are now a recognised name in the hugely popular Activity Sector. Throughout the year, hardened athletes are seen fighting through our endless waves, pounding our boardwalks and climbing our awesome hills. But to our embarrassment our beach facilities are still of third world standard.

The proposed Lifeguard and Toilet facility at the end of the Promenade is massively needed and should ensure that we retain our coveted Blue Flag.

Our busiest beach is Claycastle, where similar facilities must be provided for the tens of thousands of visitors that descend on this 5 km of sandy beach every summer. The current Toilet Block is completely antiquated and inaccessible, with many seasoned visitors availing of facilities in the nearby Aura Centre. We are encouraged by the possibility of a third party organisation updating and improving the current facilities but are conscious of the lack of funding and commitment to the project.

The existing groynes are almost completely gone. They were originally installed along the coastline in late 1800’s with the development of the Railway and the Victorian obsession for the Seaside. The groynes interrupt wave action and protect the beach from being washed away by longshore drift and prevent undermining of the Promenade, Seawall and protective Sand Dunes. In this era of Flood Defence Funding would the elected members commission a Beach Management Plan to safeguard our most valuable asset.

The Public Lighting of the Promenade, Boardwalk and Claycastle Car Park is non-existent. Early morning and Evening Walkers & Joggers are excluded from using these amazing facilities throughout the dark winter months. Similar public spaces in Tramore, Portrush and Bray are obvious examples of intelligent forms of seafront lighting.

Bypass Killeagh & Castlemartyr – (15.59%)     77 Responses

The NRA acknowledges the need for a High-quality dual carriageway (HQDC) between Midleton and Youghal. Strangely Cork County Council have not included it as an objective in the present Cork County Development Plan or insisted on its inclusion in the Ireland 2040

– Transport Plan

The entire region of East Cork would benefit as it will:-

  • Generate positive economic benefits to businesses and consumers by improving journey time reliability and reducing journey times,
  • Stimulate regional development by improving connectivity
  • Support investment in the wider area in order to increase access to jobs, key facilities and social opportunities,
  • Improve the general quality of life,
  • Meet the demands of increasing population
  • Provide for major investment in rural regions
  • Avoid or minimise negative impacts on the existing environment

It can be argued that the N25 Cork Rosslare Euroroute is of greater importance to sustaining the Cork economy than the proposed Cork Limerick Motorway. Brexit has highlighted the need for a fast connection with our markets. The UK landbridge is a vital component in retaining our manufacturing and food industries. Significant investments and Upgrades are planned to increase the capacity of the Rosslare Europort. Just last week Brittany Ferries confirmed that it is moving its Ireland-Spain sailings from Cork to Rosslare Europort, with a new arrival port in Bilbao. The N11, Dublin to Rosslare Europort is now of motorway /dual carriageway standard. The Limerick Rosslare route has recently seen the opening of the New Ross Bypass and the confirmation of the Waterford to Glenmore 10km dual carriageway in October last. The N24 Cahir to Limerick Junction and the N24 Waterford to Cahir dual- carriageways have been included in the Ireland 2040 – Transport Plan.

It is now 23 years since the final section of the Cork Midleton Dual Carriageway was opened.

Construction has commenced on the New 22 km long Dual Carriageway N22 Macroom- Ballyvourney road.

Primary Health Centre in Youghal – (6.88%)    34 Responses

The closure of the St Raphael’s Hospital Center creates a fantastic opportunity for the development of various services to the town. We would recommend that the elected members of Cork County Council commission a development study for this site, similar to the proposed redevelopment of the former Army Barracks in Clonmel.

Destination for higher level adult education. To Expand & Develop Colaiste Eoin’s existing Adult Education Services – (4.86%)    24 Responses

The closure of the St Raphaels Hospital Center creates a fantastic opportunity for the development of various services to the town. We would recommend that the elected members of Cork County Council commission a development study for this site, similar to the proposed redevelopment of the former Army Barracks in Clonmel.

Heritage Centre – (4.86%)    24 Responses

We are fully supportive of the Councils Plans for the former Court House Building in Market Square. We would like to congratulate Cork County Council for the newly opened Clock Gate, their ongoing investment of the Medieval Quarter and the Lighthouse.

We would also strongly encourage the elected members to provide adequate Toilet Facilities in the Town Centre to cater for the visiting Bus Tours and the various tourist attractions located within the historic core.

Full-time Garda Station  –  (3.85%)    19 Responses

Youghal Garda Station ceased 24 operations in December 2003. It is the general understanding in the town, that the principle reason for the closure is the unsuitable design and layout of the existing station in carrying out interviews.

In 2019, full service was reinstated to the Kinsale Garda Station. Youghal with a population of 7,963 forms part of the Midleton District and is within 20 km of the larger station. Kinsale with a population of 5,281 forms part of the Bandon District and s within 20km of the larger station.

Establish Youghal as a 1 Gigabyte Broadband Hub – (3.64%)         18 Responses

SIRO is a very successful joint venture company between the ESB and Vodafone, building a 100% fibre optic broadband network in over 30 Towns using the ESB’s infrastructure.

Youghal already has the benefit of Fibre Optic and Cork County Council should encourage / establish an Enterprise Hub Network, similar to the current Enterprise Centre, which would provide work spaces for co-workers and remote workers. This promotion could be coupled with all the positives, rural regions have to offer in terms of a cheaper floor rental value, better work life balance, shorter commute times, low carbon footprint, ease of congesting in our cities.

Encourage Government and Cork Co Council to relocate offices in Youghal –  (3.64%)        18 Responses

Local employment, in particular employment located within the centre of the town, are of an enormous social and economic benefit. The high proportion of vacant shop and former industrial buildings within the town, creates a wonderful opportunity to both the Government and Cork County Council to re-locate part of their various divisions within the town.

Designate Council Land near Aura Leisure Centre for Hotels / Camping / Mobile Home / Camper Van    (1.62%)  8 Responses

The Strand Area of Youghal is under pressure. The ongoing situation with the proposed closure of Youghal Greyhound Stadium, the derelict nature of the former Seafield Fabrics Factory, and the recent demolition of the former Hilltop Hotel are significant problems for the Tourist Industry in Youghal.

We would welcome a commitment by the elected members to examine the tourism potential of 22 acre council landbank.

Expansion of Public Library  – (0.81%)      4 Responses

We are delighted that Cork County Council are committed to renovating the former Collins Bakery Building on North Main Street. The derelict property occupies three adjacent lots on the main retail section of the town.

Other – (5.06%)    25 Responses

 Return the train (6 Responses)

Joined up Transport Policy must be put in place with Cork City Council. Rail Network is essential for the successful development of the Docklands in the City. The Luas Line was one of the most important components to the success of the Dublin Docklands.

We welcome the laying of an additional track to Midleton and would encourage the reopening of the Youghal section.

It is worth noting that 24% of Youghal Household do not have the benefit of private car ownership and public transport plays a very significant economic and social role to the town.

Shops     (5 Responses)

Without Industry and Jobs the selection of Retail within the Town will remain poor.

Marina and develop the riverfront    (5 Responses)

A small Investment with a huge return. No other Port with the Maritime History of the Port of Youghal would accept the lack of Sailing Facilities in the town.


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