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Captained by Tony Gallagher and his faithful first mate,”Pharaoh”, “Maeve Og” sails you through amazing history on the majestic River Blackwater…..

Pontoon, Grattan St, Youghal

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‘Maeve Og’ is a 28ft half-decker fishing boat painted white, orange and blue.
“Maeve Og” will leave from Youghal jetty, adjacent to Youghal Visitor Centre, and travel North up the River Blackwater, past Rhincrew and towards the old bridge and the remains of Templemichael Castle. Passing historic Molana Abbey on the left, we enter a tranquil, unspoilt area of natural beauty, as yet untouched by urban development.

The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes, subject to weather and tides.  The boat may also be chartered for longer trips.
“Maeve Og” is captained by Tony Gallagher and his faithful first mate,”Pharaoh”. Simply give Tony a ring to book your cruise.

Youghal Chamber

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Where in Youghal

Where in Youghal