Have you considered Reupholstery?
** Save your furniture, save some money ***

With the right support and fabric, a Professional can turn shabby into chic And give your old pieces a new life.

Keep the frame, lose the rest.

Stripped down, a sofa is just a frame, and it will never wear out. With new fabric, that solid old frame will be the centre of a fabulous piece of furniture that looks brand new.

Save your furniture, save some money.

We often deal with customers who have furniture that means a lot to them, but could be made much more attractive with reupholstery. Depending on chosen fabric this process is not very expensive, compared to the price of replacement Fabric

The first element to consider is the fabric. There are many fabric types to choose from, cotton, chenille, leatherette, dralon etc. 1000’s in showroom to choose from

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