St. Mary’s Update Tours

St. Mary’s Update Tours

The ‘Voices of St Mary’s’ project being developed for St Mary’s Collegiate Church, led by Helen Mulcahy and Aileen Murray of Cork County Council has finished development work as of September 2nd 2020.

€250,000 in funding was provided by Fáilte Ireland and was match funded by Cork County Council, who have been caretakers of this national monument since 2005. Scroope Design Interpretive Consultants delivered a magnificent, and breathtaking interpretation of this beautiful church. The integrity of the Church has been maintained, with top priority. Scroope Design recognizing every step of the way that this building is first and foremost a place of worship.

Entry to St. Mary’s has been, and will continue to be free of charge. That being said, a multi-lingual audio guide as well as a truly marvelous guided tour will carry a nominal fee. For the next week, they will be delighted, however, for visitors to sample the audio guide completely free of charge! Perfect time to come back and see what history you can learn!

This project will be a wonderful addition that will only add to the number of options visitors can experience in Youghal.